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Somewhere in the 21st century. Mutate Now started as an art noise project incorporating regurgetated rock n roll and battery-driven sound devices. Several parts identifiable as songs were given names and made into the b-grade visuals "Mutate Now" and "Stupid is cool". A limited edition CD "Punk Science" followed and was consumed by hungry mutants. These first experiments also captured the imagination of lesser evolved beings worldwide and spread through the internet mutating and taking on new forms of their own. The rest is history or happening right now - stay tuned.

Beyond the normality of Post-Wall Blahlow, ex GDR and home to workers and Stasi alike, Mutate Now! evolved as a counter measure to the inherent suburban turmoil associated with social and political change. Punk scientists Mad Mike and Trial and Error decided to take destiny in their own hands and not follow the mindless flow of becoming small town neo-nazis or playing death metal music to the drunken mob. Instead they studied the teachings of "Bob" and proceeded to analyse the situation from within and thereby developed important mutated antibodies, so-called stupidus-immunity, to survive in their hostile environment. Dennis and Markus, seeing the importance of being busy doing nothing and not having to ask but knowing, joined the nucleus and volunteered to help with research in the Hazchem-Haus Laboratory. Thus Mutate Now! became the central unit that it is today - quite by accident. The rest is either history or happening right now.
Are you next ?

Band Info:
Is the future obsolete ? Mutate Now !
Allein schon ihr Name ist eine Provokation. Mutate Now ist ein Aufruf an die Menschheit sich zu ändern oder mit der gesellschaftlichen Titanic in den ewigen Tiefen der Banalität zu versinken. Kein Wunder dass Titel wie "A is for atom" oder "Stupid is Cool" aus dem Punk Science Labor entkommen sind. Mit bissigen Texten, schrägem Elektronik-Punk-Pop und Laborarbeitsverkleidung halten Mutate
Now der Zivilisation schonungslos den Spiegel vor. Die Punk Wissenschaftler beschäftigen sich scharfsinnig mit menschliche zwangsneurosen, dem Schüren von Ängsten durch Propaganda und der Akzeptanz der Verdummung in der sogenannten
Normalität der Gesellschaft. Nicht unbedingt schön aber mutiert.


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